Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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                                                    Plain Antler Stands
                                                (click on photos to enlarge)

PRICE -------------------- $15

                                                       THEME STANDS

                                             Texas Star Concho w/ barbed wire
                                                            around stand.

                                            Cow Skull w/deer tooth rest
                                           and barbed wire around stand.

                                             Cowboy boot and Texas flag
                                             w/barbed wire around stand.

                                      Hawk Talon w/hawk carving and deer
                                           tooth rest w/rope around stand.

Texas cowboy roping a calf
on patch.

Military medalions. This knife and stand
was made for one of our warriers
wounded in Afganistan and given to 
him as a token of our appreciation for his
service to America.

PRICE ------------------- $25


                                                      Rattlesnake Stand

Details: This Rattlesnake stand is my most popular because of
it's uniqueness. Rattlesnake is resting on a bed of gravel and in
the striking position. A perfect addition to your knife and quite a
conversation piece.

PRICE ------------------ $40

Note: I can make just about any theme stand you may want. Your
display stand will be unique and made to your order.



                                             Euro Mount Table Lamps

                                                     White Tail Buck

Details: Whitetail lamps are made to order and have three way switches.
            If you have a euro mount that you would like me to
            make into a lamp, I'll make it for you for $125 including
            hardware. If I use my euro mount and antler stand then
            cost is $175. (All mounts subject to in stock availability)

PRICE ----------- $175 (sold) but I can make more!

                                                        Mouflon Ram

Details: Mouflon Rams are from the Caucasus, N. Iraq and Iran.
            The lamps are made to order and subject to availability
            as it is an exotic animal. To use your mount it's $175
            otherwise using my mount is $250.

PRICE ---------- $250 (sold) but I can make more!

                                                  Blackbuck Antelope

Details: Blackbuck is an India/Asian Antelope and is based on
            availability as it is an exotic animal.

PRICE ------------- $175 (sold)

Note: If you have a European Skull mount that
          you want me to make a lamp out of, I
          will make your lamp for $175 and will
          ship it free back to you.


                                                      BELT BUCKLES

Details: These belt buckles are made from the crowns(bases) of
Axis, Fallow and Bull Elk antlers. A variety of conchos, initials
and the such can be inlaid in them. These have the western type
initials in sterling silver. The one resting on the six shooter also
has turquoise stones.

PRICE ------------------- $35
                                             ANTLER CROWN BRACELETS

Details: These bracelets are made by my wife and include leather
             straps, wood beads, and deer antler button crowns. She
             can put various types of beads, jewels or silver or what
             ever you want on them.

Price----------------- $35 (for bracelet above)


                                                  PISTOL HANDLES

Details: Custom pistol handles are made from Fallow Deer and
Bull Elk antlers. Pistol has to be shipped to me for proper fitting
as I don't mass produce these as some handle makers do.

PRICE ------------------------ $125


                                                             INITIALS & CONCHOS

                                                   Texas Star Concho in Gold & Silver

                                                            Bold Plain Initials in Silver

                                                                        Star Concho

                                                                Military Medallions

                                                                  Masonic Medallion

                                                                Western Initial in Silver

Details: A variety of conchos, medallions, coins and initials can
be inlaid in the handle butt or you can leave it plain.

PRICE ------------------------- $10


                                                              FOR THE WIFE


                                         Small Candelabra

                               Large Candelabra

Details: You pick the color you want the antlers
              to be and the color of the votive cups.

                           "THE MUZZLELOADERS FRIEND"

DETAILS: The "Muzzleloaders Friend" by BK Leather Palm Protector is like
                  no other "palm saver". It is not bulky like the wood or plastic
                  palm protectors and fits in your shirt pocket, coat or possibles
                  pouch without taking up virtually any room. You drop a wood
                  or plastic one in your stand and a deer can hear it a mile away.
                  Ours is leather and makes no noise and is so easy to use. Just
                  put your middle finger or thumb, which ever is most comfortable
                  through the hole with the lettered smooth side against your palm
                  and the roughout side against the ramrod and load. You modern
                  day smoke pole hunters will love it! You will see them in the
                  more noted hunting/fishing and sporting stores in the near future.
                  Be the first to get one now at the below introductory offer straight
                  from the manufacturer.

PRICE--------------------$9 (shipping included)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


(click on photos to enlarge)

Details: This rabbit covered leather sheath was made for a
customer in Wyoming that wanted an American Indian theme.

                                                           Kydex Sheath

                                                          Nylon Sheath

Details: I make a variety of leather sheaths that range in price
from $25 to $50 depending on how much tooling you want.
I also have Kydex (hand formed plastic) and nylon sheaths.
Just ask for a quote when you order your knife.


                                                     THE ODESSA

Details: A Small 2&1/4" blade from Norway; excellent for use
            as a caping knife or small animal skinner.

PRICE----------------------------- $125

                                                       The San Saba

Details: A Norwegian triple laminated stainless steel blade.
            Blade is 2&7/8" long in a satin finish and is razor sharp!

Price ------------------------- $125(above knife has a Blackbuck
                                             horn as a handle which costs $30 more
                                             than whitetail or elk so above knife is


                                                                       The Pecos

Details: A traditional clip point 440C cryogenic stainless steel 5 &3/4"
by 1 &1/8" wide blade in a satin finish. Over all length is 10" long. 

PRICE -------------------------- $125

The Sabine

Details: Another traditional clip point in Norwegian laminated stainless
steel with a 4" by 13/16" satin blade. Over all length is 7 &3/4".
PRICE -------------------------- $125                                                                    

                                                      ASSORTMENT OF SKINNERS

                                                                    Bar-B-Que Set
Details: Chef and brisket knives are approximately 15" long with a 10"
              cutting edge. Fork is about 12" long. Blades are 440C hollow
              ground in a satin finish. Blades are dipped in liquid nitrogen
              for 2 hrs. to hold it's edge qualities.

PRICE--------------------------- $175

                                                                      Chefs Knife
Details: Knife is approximately 15" long with a 9&3/4" cutting
              edge in satin finish. The blade is a hollow ground 440C
              stainless steel blade that is cryogenically treated to hold
              it's edge sharpness longer.

PRICE---------------------------- $80

Brisket Knife

Details: A 10" long 44C stainless steel, cryogenic dipped blade,
This knife is perfect for slicing hams, roasts, briskets
and the like.

PRICE -------------------- $60

Brisket Carving Set

Details: Stainless steel knife and fork set with Axis Deer
handles. Blade on knife is 8" long. A great gift for the guy
that likes to grill or bar-b-cue.

PRICE ------------------------- $75


Bottle Openers

Details: Pewter bottle opener with antler handles---------- $40 ea.



The Hog Hunter Sabre

Details: 30" of bad a$$ stainless steel with a 12" Axis Deer handle.
             Sheath is leather, bound over wood with a poly urethane
             coating to endure the elements. The Hog Hunter is the way
             to go if you want a saber type pig sticker------------ $165

The Bowie Pig Sticker

Details: For you guys that hog hunt, you can choose the above
pig sticker with a stainless steel pommel on the butt of the handle
for $85 or the one below with the crown handle for $95. Both
knives have a 10" 440 stainless steel beefy blade with a serrated
backbone to get through that tough pig's hide to take out the heart
and arteries. Total length is about 16" long and you get a FREE
nylon sheath. I'll make you a custom leather sheath at a good
price if you prefer leather.


The Goliad

Details: This knife is 9" over all with a 4 &1/2" drop point
blade. Steel is 6A stainless and hollow ground with a mirror
finish. Handle is Fallow Deer in natural color.

PRICE ---------------------------- $125


                                                            Daggers & Letter Openers

Details: Stainless steel blades from 5" to 13" blades with your
choice of handles.

PRICE -------------------- $30 to $50

                                                                    Oyster Shuckers

Details: A 4" Stainless steel blade and guard with Axis Deer, Bull Elk or
Red Stag antler handles with exotic wood pommels.

PRICE ----------------------- $35ea.
                                                                Choctaw Hatchet

Details: A great addition to processing your animal, great for splitting that
            pelvic bone. This one has a bull elk tine as a handle with an elk
            crown on top.
PRICE -------------------- $90(sheath $35)


You have a choice of antler handle material you prefer; Whitetail,
Axis, Fallow, Mule Deer or Bull Elk antlers. All handles
have at least three coats of poly-urethane to prevent ageing
and blood staining handle.